Saturday, May 26, 2007

No death for what the heart has known...

Whispers Late at Night
"Death is more than parting, but it can't annul a marriage, nor can it revise the terms of an impassioned covenant or teach you how with scalpel to excise your former self from you that still persists. Without your lover, you are emptied of yourself, it seems, and nothing true exists anywhere, and yet you keep your love. There is an end to kissing and an end to whispers late at night, but never shall there be an end to heartache lovers send across the greatest barrier of all. Though lovers into deepest night are blown, there is no death for what the heart has known."
Robert Daseler

Existentialist that I am, death is a subject/idea (sometimes even an experience, if only emotional) that is never far from my awareness.

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