Saturday, May 26, 2007

Creative Transformation

"In each and every negative, life-diminishing situation in life, without fail—each situation of pain, injustice, terror, grief, abandonment, rejection, etc.—God is there. And in God’s presence is an invitation toward transformation of that fear and hurt into that which is good. This way of transformation is always available. The opportunity to accept God’s invitation toward wisdom, love, freedom, truth, compassion, joy, beauty, kindness, and justice never fails. "

I wrote that a few years ago, and I have never been the same since. Wish I could remember it more quickly at times, though!

I've been sick all week and instead of opening myself to the possibility of God's creative transformation for some kind of good in the midst of it, I've let guilt get in the way. That little voice (my father's) that nags: Your employer won't like must EARN what you're paid! Buttressed no doubt by that old John Houseman ad for SmithBarney, remember?: "They EARN it." showing my age here

On second thought, perhaps deciding to start a blog has been the creative good that's come from being at home. :-)

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