Saturday, May 24, 2008

Family changes this summer

My daughter-by-marriage Beautiful Genuine Drummer Girl (I need a new name for her since she is no longer interested in being a professional percussionist!) has finished high school. Yippee! Friday was her last day.

I picked her up from City to the South yesterday. My inlaws, her grandparents, and one of her cousins, are in the air as I write, flying here to be part of the graduation ceremony next week. We're having a big cook-out in her honor tonight.

Tuesday night is her Senior Piano Recital (she's majoring in piano at her local community college, with her eye on transfering up here to a major university after one or two years), and Wednesday evening is GRADUATION! After that, I'm not sure when we'll see her. She has a job and she is moving into her own apartment in City to the South.

Last night we went to Target and bought her some things for the apartment, and this morning we went through some boxes in the attic--dishes, pots and pans, etc.

Young Man with Integrity has moved out -- well, sort of. His room is not cleared out yet, but he's taken an apartment in a little suburb not far from here. Which means he's taking some of the attic-stored dishes and pots and pans as well.

Lovely Passionate Feminist is here for the summer (thank goodness!). She has a good summer job and will finish her foreign language requirement through some summer classes as well.

Big changes.

Good, but it'll be an adjustment, for sure.


Jan said...

Good, big, promising, and a little sad changes. I'm glad you're back to write about them! In one week MJ will also graduate from high school and be off. Then an empty nest here.

Kathy Doerge said...

I'm with Jan...glad you're back to writing. I've been missing you!

Are humans the only species whose young return to their nest after they've flown and nested elsewhere?

Jiff said...

Wow...that's a lot of transition for one family.
Blessings as all of you navigate this period in your lives.