Saturday, May 12, 2012

Rest and Work

View from our cottage at Beaver Lake, near Eureka Springs
Vacation was wonderful, but, oh, too short!  David and I both remarked on Thursday morning, as we were leaving, that we'd only just begun to decompress.
          David and I both lead such busy lives.  Three days is hardly enough time to reconnect, either.  That we did reconnect only left us wishing we had more time for ourselves and our marriage.
          Ministry is so demanding--it's always zeroed in on my conflicting work-ways.   As I approach this new job and position, I'm aware of my need to create strong and appropriate boundaries.  My awareness also extends to my need to prove myself a strong and effective minister and employee which always tempts me to say 'yes' when I really don't have the time!  David is warning me to stay true to appropriate boundaries and not overwork.  
          I'll have to take the pulse of the culture.  Hopefully it's a healthy one and won't stress me out.  At least not too much!! :-)  

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