Tuesday, April 25, 2017

If you're a Christian, be careful. Easter is often portrayed/preached as some kind of triumph that can lead us toward triumphalism.

Easter is never a triumph in that way.
  • Easter is the JOY that comes from pain. It's not the winner of some cosmic game.
  • Easter is the EXUBERANCE born of an existence that looks uncompromisingly at the world's injustice. It is not puffed-chest: "we're the best because we have all the answers."
  • Easter is LIFE, yes, in all its beauty, but lif...e also as the most difficult thing in the world--life FROM death. And Easter does not escape any of these processes unscarred. It is not "easy because we are the favored ones."
Easter/Resurrection is always and forever tied to crucifixion. It is the life lesson that Jesus embodied: it's through the pain (not around it, not avoiding it) that true joy, exuberance and the beauty of life are experienced. 

Christ is risen, yes, indeed that's so true. And we are forever and profoundly grateful. But unless we carry with us where he came from, what he taught, who he became, and what he arose from, then our Christianity is but an empty shell, doing more harm than good.

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