Tuesday, July 2, 2013


This week's blog carnival topic is: What does Galship mean to you? The phrase was originally coined to refer to RevGal Fellowship--all the ways we build community, share our lives, support each other, and have fun. So blog about Galship-- What does Galship mean to you? Ready, set, write

Well, I love the word -- 'bout time we had an alternative to 'fellowship.' 

Perhaps the best way to say what it means to me is to provide a couple of vignettes . . . .

Galship is Fun (Crazy, even!)
We were all in seminary together.  Every so often Lee and Wendy would come to my rented house there by the university for a Girls Night Out.  We'd eat together, sing some Taize songs (yes, that's what seminary students love, right? beautiful, but rather sedate, I have to say) and just talk and talk.  I can't remember exactly how this happened now...we must have tired of Taize.  We went in my study where I had a CD player, and we put in an Oldies but Goodies CD with the INCOMPARABLE songs of Diana Ross and the SUPREMES!  And then we did what we all do -- well, when we're alone, at any rate (think Tom Cruise in Risky Business).  We WERE Diana and Florence and Mary, the most fabulous girl group in the history of Rock 'n Roll, people!!...STOP! IN THE NAME OF LOVE!  .... LOVE CHILD (my personal favorite) . . . BABY LOVE   . . . .  WHERE DID OUR LOVE GO?  OMG. We jumped and danced and held a pretend microphone, each one of us taking turns as Diana and the other two having raucous fun mimicking her in the back.   Honestly, it was probably one of those 'you had to be there' moments, but the truth is I nearly pee'd in my pants it was SO FUN, and FUNNY, and WILD and CRAZY.  The three of us laughed and laughed and laughed, and the more we laughed the sillier we all became, and that evening the silliest thing in the world was outrageously funny.  It was really like we were drunk!  My mother used to say "you got your giggle box turned over, Katy!" and except that it had a lot more belly laughs than giggling, that's how I'd describe this evening... with my gal friends. 

Galship is Being There When I Needed Someone
The other vignette that comes quickly to mind is that day of my mother's funeral.  (Yes, from silly to painful.)  I was single back then, and I remember feeling the agony of loneliness hitting me hard that day, even though my sister and brother, aunts and uncles were all there.  Numbing loneliness, haunting, tortuous.  About half an hour before we were suppose to leave for the funeral home, my friend and neighbor Carol showed up on my doorstep.  She was coming to the funeral anyway, and was suppose to go with some other friends of mine, but she said she'd decided instead that she'd like to ride over with us--me, and my family.  I have no idea how she knew what I was feeling, but she most definitely did.  A God thing, no doubt.  She sat in the car with me and held my hand.  That's what I remember.  She simply held my hand and didn't let go.  Connecting me with . . . I don't know how to describe that.  Her action connected me with more than just her, Carol -- it felt like she was saving my life (I suppose I'm exaggerating to make my point, but perhaps not by much), connecting me with the Source of Life, a magnificently existential moment of COMMUNITY and LIFE.  Writing about this today, nearly 20 years later, it still brings tears to my eyes. 


Jan said...

Well, I tried to reply on my Kindle Fire, but no such luck. So I'm back on the ever-faithful desk-top computer, clunky though it is.

I still credit you with my intro to blogging and to RevGals. You brought me into a whole new world of supportive and interesting people!~

I liked reading about your friends, who show what a special person you are.

Martha Spong said...

Thanks for your thoughts. These deep connections, through hilarity and tears, mean so much.

Teri said...

I can totally imagine The Supremes in the seminary living room. :-) Thanks for these stories--glad to have you in the galship!

Terri said...

I think you were one of my earliest blogger "friends" and I have valued your thoughtfulness and pursuit of authenticity all along.