Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Mystery of the Self class

I'm teaching a class each Sunday morning called "The Spiritual Life," and for the past several weeks I've begun a new series called "The Mystery of the Self."

We've covered Kierkegaard's vision of how the self is created, Robert Kegan's The Evolving Self, and today I did an introduction to process theology so that next week we can discuss Catherine Keller's view of self from a feminist process perspective.

So interesting how the class at 9 a.m. is more intellectual -- people there are interested in ideas, and we play off each other's views.  The folks who attend at the 10:45 class are coming at this from their own experience of how they have (and are) developing their sense of self.

So, I'm getting both sides of how I myself came at this subject.  It's really gripping me...I'm loving it!

And today I found this amazing graphic...from

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