Sunday, March 10, 2013

Ah, We Never Tire of Henri's Wisdom...

Hat tip to  Jan...

If. . . . .

If we are to take risks,
to be free,
in the air,
in life,
we have to know
that when we come down from it all,
we're going to be caught,
we're going to be safe.
The great hero is the least visible.
Trust the catcher.

~~Henri Nouwen

Our church is studying Henri's "The Way of the Heart" for Lent.  We have about 14 different study groups in which we've trained the facilitators, plus we have individuals reading the book, and the senior minister is combining it with the lectionary and preaching about it during Lent.  It's amazing to have all kinds of folks stopping me in the narthex on Sunday morning to tell me their experience with "solitude," "silence," and "unceasing prayer."  Wow.

So, thanks for these further words from Henri, Jan.  

Safety and risks...risks and safety...the paradox continues...

The Mystery of the Self class

I'm teaching a class each Sunday morning called "The Spiritual Life," and for the past several weeks I've begun a new series called "The Mystery of the Self."

We've covered Kierkegaard's vision of how the self is created, Robert Kegan's The Evolving Self, and today I did an introduction to process theology so that next week we can discuss Catherine Keller's view of self from a feminist process perspective.

So interesting how the class at 9 a.m. is more intellectual -- people there are interested in ideas, and we play off each other's views.  The folks who attend at the 10:45 class are coming at this from their own experience of how they have (and are) developing their sense of self.

So, I'm getting both sides of how I myself came at this subject.  It's really gripping me...I'm loving it!

And today I found this amazing graphic...from