Saturday, December 1, 2012

" sickness and in health..."

I'll never forget the look on David's face as he entered the hospital last night and saw me walking toward him in the foyer.  He kissed me and hugged me, said something tender (which I wish I remembered) and then got the car to take me home.

Home after 3 days hospitalized for asthma.

When we got here, he put my wedding ring back on my finger (too valuable to have kept at the hospital) and repeated our sickness and in health...till death parts us...

Never forget.  Thank you, God, for this treasure, my husband.


jo(e) said...

Aw, that's beautiful.

And I hope you're healthy again soon!

Terri said...

A good husband is such a comfort when one is ill.

Jan said...

So good. I'm also glad you are feeling better. Love.