Monday, July 2, 2012

Update: Work and Home

Life at Cathedral of Hope is good.  I'm just so impressed with this church; perhaps it's a honeymoon kind of thing and I'll ultimately find things I don't like, but for now, it's REALLY good.

I've put together about 15 different classes for the summer -- which really means I found teachers and scheduled the rooms and worked with our IT folks to get online registration ready, and worked with our graphics designer and communications director to have the classes marketed.  Yes, we have an IT department and a graphics/communication department -- can you believe it?  After my whole ministry in small churches, this is a dream!  It's not been easy finding teachers, so I'm facilitating some classes that are easy for me to do:  lectio divina, group spiritual direction, writing spiritual autobiographies, and a class on Anger, but that's not until August.  Then we also have some "fun" classes like acting, cooking, etc., and the senior minister is teaching a class on "homosexuality and the Bible" -- she always has lots of people sign up for that, I'm told.   We have a class on "Activism 101" taught by a couple of folks from our Hope4Peace&Justice non-profit.  And a support group, facilitated by an outside person.  It's been good, but I want a LOT more for the Fall.

The receptionist has been transferring a lot of the "I need help" calls to me.  She says it's because the other ministers on staff have a way of letting her calls go to voicemail.  I think she's kidding, but I'm not sure!! ha!  Anyway, I've had the privilege of twice going down to our sanctuary to pray with people about some really serious issues.  Just last week I made two "house calls" -- one to a woman who wanted a house blessing, and another to a man who had tried to commit suicide the night before (that call was from his sister in another state, so I had to find where he lived -- no easy feat -- and then cold-call-knock-on-his- door).  Of course those were sad conversations; these folks were hurting badly, but I was able to offer the Hope that God provides.  That's such a powerful reason, for me, to be in ministry.

I haven't yet been on the chancel, and my bio and picture is not yet on the website.  I think they want to get a good sense of who I am  first.  They are very protective, as well they should be, of their members, wanting to make SURE that no one says anything that will hurt them.  Our society has hurt them enough already.

It's TooDamnHot here, as always for the summer.  And of course along with the heat comes the awful pollution.  Bronchitis and asthma have me in their grip yet again.  I do have some hopeful news on that front, though.  I saw my new doctor, a pulmonologist, who did a Challenge Test on me -- giving me two vaccines, for pneumonia and for tetanus.  On Friday this week I get my blood tested again so see what happened with my immune system.  Then, two weeks later I see the pulmonologist to hear the "verdict."  The gammuglogulin infusions cost anywhere between $8,000 and $10,000 per infusion (once a month).

Yes, I know.  Unbelievable.

The preliminary talk with my insurance company, though, indicated that it will cover these infusions with only a $20 co-pay.  Yes, I know.  Totally unbelievable!!  ha! 

That was just preliminary, though.  I'll know for sure when I see the doc in a couple of week.  Prayers appreciated.  I REALLY want to feel better and STOP this getting sick all the time.


Terri said...

wow. Love all the classes you are preparing. And that you love (so far) working on this big staff. And that you have been willing to pick the pastoral care pieces when others have not been able too, and - I do hope that your health is on the mend!

Jan said...

Wow--so many classes. It seems like everyone goes into hiatus in the summer and instead you'll be invigorating people!! Yay for you!

Hope the new doc and meds make all the difference in your health. Prayers, of course.