Saturday, May 19, 2012

No Sermon! Woo-Hoo!

First week at new job.  Friendly people.  I felt very welcomed--they were glad to have me aboard.  My boss wasn't in until Wednesday, so I decorated my office, filled out paperwork, went to a couple of meetings and tried to learn the names of my 36 co-workers.

Today is Saturday, and I've had a fantastic day!  There's an incredible sense of FREEDOM, knowing that tomorrow I go to church and do my thing (my first assignment is to be with the Children's Minister, who reports to me, and observe the children's program) and I don't have to worry about a sermon.  That feels pretty darn good!


Jan said...

Sounds wonderful! I am so glad for you!

Terri said...

Wonderful! Although I miss preaching when it's not part of my weekly snd Sunday routine.