Monday, April 2, 2012

Minister of Spiritual Life -- new job!

Things happen FAST around here in terms of jobs, I must say.

Last Thursday morning, before going in to work, I noticed that I had a message on my phone.  It had come in the night before but I hadn't realized it.  It was from a huge church in Dallas asking me if, by chance, I had time to come in for an interview that day (Thursday).  I called back and said yes and met with the Executive Director and Executive Minister for an interview.  Interview went well and I drove back to FW to my church to work.  Got a call that afternoon offering me the job!  Wow! They work fast!  I talked to David about it and then called them back and accepted.

Really exciting opportunity; I'm thrilled about it!

So I told my church about it yesterday, giving them the 30 days notice.  My last Sunday there will be April 29th.  Definitely bittersweet -- I'll hate leaving this congregation, but . . . it is what it is.  They're hoping to be in negotiations with a candidate and have someone on board by June, so I'm not leaving them in a huge lurch.

It's going to be so different serving a huge church like this.  Staff of 37!  They have an orchestra accompanying the choir every Sunday!  They've built a lovely new InterFaith Prayer Chapel on the grounds.  Feed about 200 people who are homeless every Saturday.  So many ministries at this place that it's going to take me a while just to learn about them all.

Thanks be to God....I'm grateful.


Robin said...

FanTAStic!!!!!! Thrilled for you!

Jan said...

How wonderful!! Tell us more!

Purple said...

What a gift...congrats!

Terri said...

Oh I hope you like it - certainly there will be amazing resources and opportunities!

Terri said...