Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Metroplex living

Metroplex living is kind of interesting.  I drove to Dallas yesterday for a late afternoon meeting with my colleagues at my future church.  Of course I left home way before I needed to, so I had time to really look at all the places close to this church.  Did some window shopping at the Crate & Barrel outlet store, noticed all the hotels in the area, TWU has a giant building there -- its Dallas campus.  The church is in the Oak Lawn section of Dallas, close to Love Field.  A mile south and you're in an ugly, rundown part of town.  But the giant hospitals are a stone's throw--Parkland, UTSouthwestern, Southwestern Medical, Zale-Lipshy.  And just north of the church is the beginning of some ritzy expensive neighborhoods.  Park Cities Motors is literally next door and some guy in a Mercedez nearly ran into me as I made [what might have been an illegal] u-turn. ha!

Anyway, after this meeting (which was FABULOUS and made me very eager to begin contributing to this lively place!), I went to the mid-cities to meet a friend for dinner.  I haven't lived in Dallas since 1998 and there are part of the city that I've had no reason to go to in all those years.  But as I was driving yesterday the feeling of Big D came back to me.  It's hugely different from Fort Worth -- faster paced, less forgiving, more expected of you--that kind of feeling.

Wasn't that I disliked being in Dallas. I didn't.  I rather enjoyed the feeling of getting familiar with it all again.  It's just so noticeable how much difference a place can make.  Strangely intimate.  Memories kept coming back to me...the time I went with my father to Dallas when I was in junior high to buy some Dallas Cowboys tickets.  All those years I was buying office equipment at that spectacular building on Stemmons Frwy, the name of which escapes me at the moment but it's modeled after some building in London.

My commute is going to double; it'll take me 40 minutes minimum to drive to work every morning, but I've already bought some books on tape, and am looking forward to it.  I don't anticipate the driving to be a huge problem for me, and I'm SO looking forward to reconnecting with some of my Dallas friends who I've only seen sporadically during these years.


Dale Berkebile said...

I wish you well on your new adventures back into Dallas life. I'm sure you will be a great addition to the new church you are going to. A 40 minute drive to Dallas can be a pain, but I too like catching up on reading through audio books and this drive will allow you to really plow through the audiobooks.

Again best wishes and now that I know you have a blog I will check back from time to time. I think this is a great way to connect with people so I think it's great you're bogging. Have a great day!

Terri said...

I've had similar experiences with both Salt Lake City and Chicago, cities I have lived in, have many memories, and have left - but when I return, flooded with memories. I did live in Ft. Worth for a year, I wonder what memories would come back to me if I were to visit....I am so happy you have this opportunity and hope it is fabulous!

Jan said...

How exciting! Though I do not envy you the drive. They are fortunate to have you as their new pastor. Blessings.

Purple said...

Sounds fabulous. iTunes has become my favorite place to download books and then I use my iTouch to listen as I drive.

RevDrKate said...

Blessings on this new adventure. Audio books are great for commutes. They are the thing that get me up and into the car some mornings.