Monday, March 26, 2012

Monday update

It looks like I have about 2 months left at my church.  Although I'm not told anything, no one from the search committee was at church yesterday, so I figure they went to hear someone preach at a neutral pulpit somewhere close by.  If they like this person, they'll negotiate, then present the person to the church, call a special congregational meeting, and if the vote is "yes," then that person will give notice at his or her church.  So...probably sometime in June.

Strange feeling, knowing I'm a short-timer.  During worship yesterday my feelings alternated between deep gratitude at having come to know and serve this church, sadness at the idea of leaving it, and some pain at feeling "not seen" (inevitable, I know, but still).

This morning I'm resting.  I think I did a very dumb thing earlier this week, deciding to self-medicate.  Asthma and bronchitis were pretty bad, so I took some leftover Prednisone all week starting at 50 mg on the first day, and slowly going down.  Saturday I took 20 or 30 mg.; can't remember.  Yesterday I had three left, but I forgot to take any at all, and all day I was barely able to move -- exhaustion.  Same thing this morning.  Realizing what was probably the cause I took one of the 10 mg pills about 90 minutes ago, but so far it's not helping one iota.  Ugh.  I see a new doctor -- a pulmonologist -- Friday morning, so I'm hopeful about getting started with someone who will treat the cause and not just the symptom here.

I need to do some work on finding a new job today, but I'm soooo sleepy!  Don't trust myself to make changes in my resume!! No telling what I'd end up saying.  Well, it's OK.  I need the rest anyway.


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Terri said...

I do understand the desier (and need) to plunge right into a job search and next call...but there is also much wisdom in taking a little time to rest, grieve the letting go of what was, and renew in preparation for what is to come. I hope they were able to figure out what is causing your health concerns.

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