Monday, February 20, 2012

Non-Traditional Ash Wednesday

I'm not focusing on the mortality issue during Lent this season. This church has had lots of experience with that these last few months. Instead the season will be about 'taking our masks off.'. Being authentically who we are before God. We'll do the ashes on Wednesday, and we'll do a confession. But I'm going to buy a fresh flower for everyone who comes to the service and present it to them after the ashes. Wondering what words I should use for that. Any ideas?

 The words I'm saying as I impose the ashes are: "Turn from what is false, and LIVE the Gospel.". Very non-traditional, but once in a while I think that's OK. What are YOU doing for Lent?

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Jan said...

I like your idea of giving flowers. I'm posting about my quandary about Lent tomorrow.