Sunday, May 29, 2011

Service on Fifth Sundays. BEING the church.

Today is the Fifth Sunday.  I copied the idea from a friend in another church...On each fifth Sunday of the year, we have only a brief worship service at 9:00, then we choose a service project to do (which our Christian Service folks have pre-arranged for us) in our neighborhoods.  I went with the group that served at the Samaritan House for people with HIV. It's a large facility with 357 families.  We cleaned the kitchen for them.  Others cleaned and straightened the yard at our neighboring elementary school, while smaller groups did a few smaller projects.  Then we all gathered at the church again at 12:30 for a spaghetti lunch. 
I'd say we had about 40% participation, which is amazingly good, really.  Fifth Sundays' Service isn't something that everyone will want to be a part of.  The folks that came today have a real calling to serve, I think.   

I tried to set the stage this morning in the sermon by talking about motivations for service, and how when we serve others we can catch a small glimpse of the Reign of God. 

A different way of worshiping today.  Change.  It isn't always easy, but wow, it can really be worth it!


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angela said...

I love this idea. We have potlucks on fifth Sundays. I have a feeling I'll just tuck away your idea until I need it later. Maybe the parish will get tired of eating food?...