Monday, September 6, 2010

Courage in the Workplace--ah, so refreshing!

Spent a couple of days last week at a training session for Courage in the Workplace, a new program sponsored by Courage and Renewal North Texas. The idea is to learn to be a facilitator of Circles of Trust in order to take "courage work" into businesses, non-profits, and other organizations.

Twenty-one people formed our Circle of Trust, and that included five previously trained facilitators. We will meet six more times, each time experiencing and contributing to the development of six modules that we will then be able to offer.

The first day was introductory and the second day was spent learning the first module: Leading with Integrity (or it might end up being called Leading from Within) and then giving feedback on and fine-tuning it from what we experienced. The other modules are:
  • Managing Complexity: "Both/And" Approach for Organizations
  • Change: Opportunity in the Inevitable
  • Taking Time for Trust
  • Restoring the Heart of Service
  • Creating Healthy and Effective Organizations
  • Transforming Time
  • Mission Alignment

To me, this work is about practicing authenticity, and so often authenticity is exactly what is sacrificed when we work. Sometimes our workplaces foster competition which tempts us to be false in order to win. Sometimes our workplaces stress efficiency/outcomes/productivity so much that time to reflect on what we're doing--crucial to becoming authentic and true--is neglected. And sometimes our workplaces forget their own reason for being and forge into areas in which they cannot produce their best, taking their employees right along with them into these more sterile and depleting efforts.

Part of our work on the last day was to reflect on the meaning of a "live encounter," which, of course, is what our work should include. Live encounters are those interchanges, events, experiences that bring us life, are richly satisfying, and/or increase our energy for the work we've chosen to do. My reflection evoked a powerful sense of gratitude in me for that 'pivot-point' experience in 1994 when God's calling to follow what was my true path finally broke through and I found the courage to make a change. So thankful. And thankful as well for this new opportunity...I feel refreshed!


Jan said...

Katherine, you continue to show such courage--and authenticity. I'm glad you point the way. I'm glad we are friends. I'm glad you are you.

Mompriest said...

I love reading about the work you are doing and the work you are developing - its so interesting to me. I'd love to have coffee and hear more in person.

Katherine E. said...

@Mompriest: I'd love that as well. Wish you didn't live so far away.

@ Jan: I'm glad we are friends, too! The few times I get to be with Judy she updates me, but it would be good to catch up. How did you come through that tropical storm? It's suppose to rain here all day.