Monday, August 16, 2010

A New Spiritual Discipline

I'm trying a new spiritual discipline. I've set the alarm clock on my phone to go off, with soothing harp music, every hour during the day. As I reach to turn it off each time, I read the title that I gave to the alarm: "Body, Mind, Holy Spirit"

Then I stop, just for a few moments, and I remind myself of three things:

1. Body.
I do a quick body scan. After all, the "body is the best spiritual director we can ever have" (Emily H.) Lately, I've mostly been noticing, when I do the body scan, how my foot is still hurting from the fall I took during vacation. But I usually also notice my level of hunger. When I realize that I'm not hungry, it helps a bit with emotional or stress eating.

2. Mind.
Here I remind myself that: "I am not my thoughts. My true self--my authentic self--lies behind/beyond my thoughts. "I" am a particular and unique manifestation of LIFE, the life-force, the divine spark, the creative energy that continues to bring forth the world." I find this to be an amazing thought. It's really helped me vis-a-vis my relationship with death. Plus, in the last couple of days I've actually been 'present' enough to remember that "I am not my thoughts" during times when I am thinking fearfully or judgmentally. It's been a huge release! Wow.

3. Holy Spirit.
Here I take a deep breath and say to myself: "I open myself to the guidance and wisdom of the Holy Spirit." Each time I say this to myself, I feel this letting go inside me. Very powerful.

I've been doing this for about a week. Sometimes the alarm goes off when I'm with someone, so I turn it off and then forget it. Other times, the alarm goes off when I'm focused on something else, so I turn it off and don't go back to it until it rings again the next hour. Mostly, though, I've been fairly faithful, and I think it's beginning to make a difference. Someone at my lectio divina group said "You're taking little Sabbaths throughout the day," and that's a lovely way to put it, I think. Little Sabbaths that bring me back to the present moment and remind me of what is, for me, ultimately true.



Robin said...


Gabriele said...

Amazing way to pray. May I give this a try?

Katherine E. said...

@ Gabriele: of course! Maybe we can encourage one another in some way...

Katherine E. said...
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Gabriele said...

thank you. Rncouragement. That would be good. got any bright ideas?

Mompriest said...

praying through the hours is a delightful way to sustain one through the complicated ups and downs of each day....even a short sweet prayer like this! very cool.