Friday, July 23, 2010


I've been listening to Eckhart Tolle again -- a podcast. He's talking about the "inner space," the "spaciousness" inside us where we are conscious of being conscious. No longer dominated by the mind which is processing sense data, memories, future plans, etc., --this inner space is the gap between all that and the LIFE we really are.

He said LIFE has no opposite because it has no end. And we are manifestations of LIFE in human bodies that will one day turn to dust, but the LIFE WE ARE will continue because it is eternal. We are part of All That Is.

And it's awareness of this LIFE WE ARE that is the "inner space," the "spaciousness," the consciousness and deep spiritual awarness (as Cynthia Bourgealt calls it).

That makes so much sense to me. It's beautiful, isn't it? And to live with this sort of deep awareness, where there is no fear, is where Jesus lived, I think. He lived in the gap between ordinary mind (sense perception, memory, the 'normal' way minds work) and behind the mind. Yes, behind the mind is the LIFE WE ARE, the true and authentic self.

So mystical. Hidden. And yet I know this. I know what he's talking about.

At one point he asked us to move into stillness, close the eyes, take some deep breaths, and then feel the aliveness, the LIFE WE ARE by feeling the energy in our hands. Wow; that was, and is, even now, so powerful.

Absolutely beautiful.


Mompriest said...

Before I left St. Homeostasis I asked my Spiritual Director to lead the vestry in a reflection on was a fabulous meditation for this group (sadly since some of them they were going to get rid of me they did not participate)....but my point is, she used a meditation on the hand, open, closed, fist, hard, soft,...I don't remember all of it, but it was fabulous. Your reflection here reminds me of the beauty of that offering.

Jan said...

Katherine, thank you for reminding me of the spaciousness. Today I got stuck in memories of my parents while I wandered in their old house (which we rent here in Bellingham, WA). They and we are in that always, but I forget too easily.

I wish you were my spiritual director, dear friend. Love.