Monday, June 28, 2010

Teaching in July

I'm using a lot of Andy's material (see previous post) to create this class that I'm scheduled to teach in July.  I see his notes on my old papers, and I hear his voice as I read his handouts.  I cry a bit, and then give thanks that he was my teacher.

I've been 'holed up' here at home for over a week now, putting together this class on Pastoral Care.  It's an Intro class, so we're covering a wide range of subjects.  Yesterday I realized I needed to get some guest speakers in;  two people have already responded "yes."  And I'm considering requiring some kind of group presentations from the class--that's a good way to learn, and it saves me from coming up with ever-more lectures and stuff on my own. 

A long way to go....


Jan said...

I think group presentations are a good idea. I know you'll be excellent. Lately, I've been thinking of re-reading Friedman's book on family systems in the church.

Jennifer said...

What a great way to work with your grief as you pass on wisdom to a new group of people!
I've been glad to catch up with the important things going on in your life these days.
It's a rich journey, isn't it?
ps: I borrowed inspiration from your 20 questions meme. Thank you!