Sunday, June 6, 2010

Compassion is the Key to Bridging Opposites

We had another different worship experience this morning. I used the Widow of Nain story, with the idea (that I read somewhere) about the story being of two processions meeting each other. One procession is about death -- the widow leading the procession with her dead son's bier, and the other with Jesus leading a procession into Nain. He'd been doing a few miracles in the area, so there was a large crowd following him.

Two processions on a collision course -- what will happen when Life meets Death? The focus of the sermon was on Compassion as the bridge between life and death.

Our musicians were so incredible...through them I was really able to worship, even while being "responsible" for worship myself. I'm so grateful to them, and for them. We've come a long way with music that really fits the theme and provides such a beautiful, worshipful experience.

I decorated the worship space with contrasting colors -- yellow (Jesus and Life) and dark blue (the Widow and Nain and Death). That was meaningful for me, creating a space that supported the sermon and theme for the morning.

Lynn provided homemade bread for communion, and she gathered the folks together to illustrate the story as Scripture was read. Thanks, Lynn.

I don't know how many were present. 70, perhaps, including the children.

Unfortunately our air conditioning in that space is on the blink, so it was a bit uncomfortable. It probably mattered to me more than anyone! I pretty much melt in the heat!

At the book study after worship, Cole suggested having some discussion questions that fit the theme each Sunday...we can provide these questions at the Table Fellowship that always follows the service. Loved that idea!

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