Sunday, May 9, 2010

A little Sunday evening reverie

I'm sitting on our back patio.  We've had a cold front (dry) come through, and it's amazingly cool, which means "wonderful" to me.   There's a bird singing loudly, perhaps a mockingbird, although I'm not sure.  In the distance I can see a beautiful red cardinal jumping back and forth, up and down the limb of a tree.  And the wind...Oh, the lovely cool breeze.  

My brother just sent word that he's started a blog:  He's a retired journalism professor who married a woman from Thailand (Laddawan); they've settled in Chaing Mai where he works for an English-language newspaper and writes artitcles here and there.  He's a very thoughtful person.  I hope you'll give his blog a try.  It's listed on my sidebar now.

We've been trying to decide where to go for our summer vacation in July.  Finally settled on Taos, but the house we wanted to rent has current renters who may decide to stay the entire summer, so says the landlord in his email response yesterday.  He said he'd let me know something as soon as they made their intentions known.  Took me forever to find a rental property big enough for our family that we could afford, so this is a bit of a setback.  Oh well.

Gotta get busy preparing to teach my intensive summer class at the divinity school.  I have about 7 books I need to read, then think through how I want to organize everything for 4.5 hours four days a week for 2 weeks.  We do have a long weekend there in the middle, but still, I know it will be horribly intense--for the students as well as me!

Mother's Day was fine.  Lovely Passionate Feminist came over and went with me to the Coffee Party (really enjoyed being with her for that), then stayed last night to visit with my stepson, his wife and little M when they arrived around 8:00.  Good visit.

There goes that cardinal.  He flew up into the tree next to me then flew away to the east.  About his business. 

And it's getting dark; I'd better join David inside.  He's watching a Ken Burns WW2 documentary.

Here's to a good week for us all.  May God's peace reign.


Jan said...

Lovely time on the porch. Your class sounds very intensive; wish I could take it.

Mompriest said...

I've been enjoying the cool temps and deep spring green colors of the Midwest, such a delight for my eye after the desert-scape that lacked this shade of green, and this quantity of green! Glad you enjoyed that time on the porch.

Purple said...

What a lovely time to spend with the cool breeze and song of the birds.

Someday I am going to visit Taos...