Friday, April 9, 2010

Tonight I am grateful...

Gracious God,

Tonight I am grateful for flowers...colorful zenias, begonias, marigolds...for patio decks built by my husband's loving hands...for the 75 year old American Elm tree that reaches to the sky forming a cathedral for me as I revel in a beautiful day outdoors.

Tonight I am grateful that David made such a powerful and deep connection with an old friend tonight, someone he played with as a little boy in Miami and hadn't seen for over 35 years. Their conversation was deeply meaningful -- I was so moved to hear David talk about it. Thank you. Keep him safe there in Florida on his pilgrimage through old haunts (shrines, I guess that would be, in keeping with the pilgrimage analogy) before attending his business meeting.

Tonight I am grateful for friends, especially those coming to my little "tea party" (the original, non-political type) in the backyard tomorrow. I know you will bless our gathering; help me stay aware of your connecting presence. I'm looking forward to preparing the tea and various little munchies for them. Thank you for the inspiration to issue a 'spontaneous invitation' the way I did yesterday.

Tonight I am grateful for family. For my niece, with whom I spoke on the phone this afternoon. Keep her healthy, O God. For my brother-in-law as he continues on hospice care. I pray for my sister -- may she continue to be energized and able to see the humor in life--one of her many gifts. I'm grateful for Deb and Katie who will both be here tomorrow and will join in the tea party with my friends--they'll keep us lively, for sure! How grateful I am that they are both coming to spend the weekend with me, and visit with each other, while David's away.

Finally, tonight, I am aware that your grace is indeed sufficient for all things.
Thank you.


Paula said...

I love that your post tonight is about gratitude :) At our retreat tomorrow, we're ending the day with a "Wall of Gratitude" -


Terri (AKA Mompriest) said...

Much to be grateful for. I hope you enjoy this time with your friends...

Jennifer said...

Lovely. I hope your tea party was a rich and wonderful time!

Kaye said...

"There shall be eternal summer in the grateful heart"
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