Sunday, April 25, 2010

My 2nd Grade Reading Buddies

Tomorrow I see my Reading Buddies for the first time in about 3 weeks. I've been sick or out of town and haven't made my regular 8:30 Monday morning appointment with them.

My Reading Buddies are three 2nd graders at the elementary school next door to my church. They are Brianna, Nancy, and Cindy. All three are a little behind in their reading skills, so we go to the school library and they read to me, and then, at the request of this particular 2nd grade teacher, I read to them. These are children who don't get much reinforcement at home for reading.

They're amazingly lovely children. Kinda shy. All wanting so much to do a good job. Of course I heap the praise on them, even while not letting their little mistakes go unnoticed. I've bought them all some fun age-appropriate books at the Reading Fair at the school. Lately I've been taking all three at once, instead of one at a time for 30 minutes. Cindy is behind in her reading skills by far the most, and at times she'll just sort of zone out. "Cindy, are you OK?" No response. "Cindy?" "Honey, what's going on?" Eventually she'll tell me she's OK and then she tries to read again. I've asked her teacher about this, but haven't received much of a response. I've about decided that she might be telling herself she'll never be a good reader during these little episodes. Of course, I'm not sure. Her teacher tells me that she's very good at math.

Wish I understood how the brain works as we learn to read and understand.


Mompriest said...

My friend, M2, the mom of twins tells me that one of her daughters does this as well. She is only two but will occasionally "zone out". She's been tested for seizures but was "normal". M2 thinks it's her daughter's way of dealing with information overload - she stops for a moment to take it all in, process it, and let herself catch up. Maybe this is what Cindy is doing - just taking some time to catch up? Maybe it is stimulation over-load on some level for her to read, listen to others read, and be read too? I wonder how she would be with just the two of you?

Anyway, what an awesome thing - reading with and to this girls. Very awesome!

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