Monday, January 11, 2010

Odds and Ends, the Beginning of 2010

We came back from our Christmas vacation Wednesday night, last week, driving all the way from SW Georgia straight through to our home in North Texas. Usually we break up the drive and stay in eastern Louisiana somewhere, but because of the weather forecast (icy conditions) we decided to beat the freeze and just keep driving.

The drive, while hard, was basically OK. My granddaughter was with us, and for the last half of the trip I was in the backseat next to her, which made the ride...very interesting! She's such a good traveler, loves to be tickled, and wants to talk and play (insomuch as one can 'play' while strapped into a car seat!). Anyway, it was fun and made the time pass more quickly.

Being Monday morning, I go into the church office late because I have "Reading Buddies" at the elementary school next to the church at 9:15 -- I'm helping a little girl (2nd grader) learn to read, 30 minutes every Monday morning. So, I have a little time this morning. David has already headed off to the university--he chose to wear the new shirt and tie I gave him. Oh, he looks good~!

He and I have had a great time together during this break from work. He gave me a new evening bag for Christmas -- I told him where the purses were at Macy's and then "let" him choose from there. ha! It's beautiful, but even better, he put season tickets to the symphony in the purse! I was so surprised!! We went to our first concert Friday night -- Vivaldi's Four Seasons with guest soloist Jennifer Koh. Wow -- she was fantastic, and there was also a guest conductor who, as part of his conducting, practically "danced" the music. It was so different and lively -- very entertaining!

Yesterday was my first day back at "work." Doesn't feel like "work" at all. I'm so grateful that I don't have that "oh no, I have to go back to work" feeling, like I used to in the corporate world. This is a great church and I love being there. Thanks be to God!!

My thoughts turn to what I want to make of 2010. I'm 54 years old now, and not healthy. That's got to be my focus for this year. Diet. Exercise. Those two things need to be my spiritual practice for the year -- at least part of my spiritual practice. I've been trying to make them part of my spiritual life, though, for a number of years and have not been successful. Yikes. Prayers appreciated.