Sunday, December 27, 2009

"Up in the Air"

David and I saw the movie "Up in the Air" this afternoon. Both of us left the theater saying it was a great film, and we talked about it most of the way home.

George Clooney plays a man whose life seems as barren as his one-bedroom, blank-white-walled apartment --which he rarely occupies since he's on the road 342 days a year. His goal in life is to earn 10 million frequent flyer miles. (Really, every time they showed his apartment, my heart contracted in deep sadness, or perhaps horror. Blank. White. Walls. An ugly, cheap kitchen table from Wal-Mart. "Famine of the soul" is a phrase that seems to fit.)

I won't go into the story, but it's a sophisticated film, an intelligent film about relationships and life and what really matters.

Vera Farmiga plays a woman he meets on the road, and she is stunning in this role. An intriguing character, she's the one in this film that surprised me the most.

David read somewhere that the people in the film --the ones who are reacting to being fired from their jobs -- are not actors, not all of them are actors, anyway. The director advertised in Detroit and someplace else for folks who had recently lost their jobs -- he asked them to come in and filmed them talking about how they reacted to the news. Powerful stuff.

And there's a wedding scene that MUST have been filmed in an authentic little Lutheran church in northern Wisconsin. It was too real to have been thought up by Hollywood set designers!

And I loved the opening sequence...It was one city after another being filmed from the air. And the earth just looks so different from 30,000 ft up! I was totally engaged, and I can't say that for most opening sequences of movies!

If you can, go see it. Let me know what you think.


Jan said...

I'm glad you wrote about the film; I've wondered about seeing it. Maybe MJ and I will go (CB doesn't like to go to movie theaters).

Mompriest said...

I look forward to seeing this, whenever my husband has another day off. thanks for the review..

Diane said...

yeah, now I'm intrigued too!

Rosemarie said...

Just saw this movie today and liked it very much. I was also intrigued about the little Lutheran church in the wedding--the church sign appeared to be real, and the interiors were authentic. I'm searching online to see if I can figure it out.

Rosemarie said...

Found it! According to this blog, it was Maplewood United Methodist Church in St. Louis, MO

The set dressers did an outstanding job. It looks just like the little country Lutheran churches I know.

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Excellent movie, specially because Vera acts in it, I have been a fan of Vera since forever, her beauty and sexiness is amazing, I also love her in the movie "The Departed".

Anonymous said...

The church indeed is in Maplewood , St. Louis, Mo.
My Nephew was married in the church yesterday
March, 17 2012.
The movie up in the air is an awesome movie.