Sunday, December 27, 2009

A "good word" about Jesus Christ

I'm preaching this morning. On Jesus. My homiletics professor used to say: "Say a good word about Jesus Christ." Included in the sermon is the story of my own coming to terms with Jesus as the God-Human and the difficulty I had with that whole idea until I entered seminary and read John Cobb's Christ in a Pluralistic Age. As I wrote the sermon I realized how much Jesus means to me. Here's the last of the sermon:
I said that when I left the businessworld and entered seminary, I knew my heart's desire lay in a search for meaning and for a sense of purpose. I've known for a while now that my heart's desire is Jesus. Jesus provides the meaning and purpose for my life, evening while remaining so mysterious. There's not just a whole heckuva lot I can say with absolute certainty about the paradox, the Mystery, of the God-Human Jesus.

There is a way, though, that I can say with integrity that "Jesus saves." That's because, for me, the vision of this divine Mystery is overflowing with the most joyful, dancing and vibrant colors, a vision that can trigger a new reality. The music of Mystery transports me--transports me to a sublime place where everythng I am suddenly moves into alignment, gets "centered," and there is no fear, only the authentic me. And the fragrance of divine Mystery places me always in the present moment, when regrets for the past and worries about the future just dissolve, and I am truly alive, utterly grateful, and enveloped in the saving grace that is my Savior Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ.

May it be so for you, in your own unique way, as well. Amen.

As I wrote those words I realized just how true they were. It's the Mystery of Jesus that draws me--the Mystery of embodying Love, and all those other attributes of the divine. --The Mystery of how the divine does indeed intersect with the human, bringing about creativity, goodness, justice, peace. --The Mystery of death. --And the Hope that it's not the last word about Life. That's Jesus, for me.


Mompriest said...

OH, thank you for sharing this. Wishing you a blessed season of incarnation!

Purple said...

Exquistite. I find more comfort in the Mystery...than anything else. Merry Christmas.

Jan said...

Ditto; ditto. So glad you wrote.