Sunday, September 20, 2009

The sin of our time

I'm feeling very low today. No surprise. When I'm sick it's hard to stay "up."

Tired of being sick. No energy. Tired of worrying worrying worrying about cat dander and its effect on my lungs. Probably dust, too. I need to hire someone to clean the house for me.

There's a lot to be grateful for, I know. I'm just not going there right now. :-)

I want to rant and rave, but, luckily, I'm kinda too tired.

Slept until 10 a.m.
Watching football right now--well, sort of. D is asleep in his recliner and I'm [obviously] blogging. Tried to read a bit earlier today. Got about 30 pages into For Whom the Bell Tolls, and then feel asleep.

I really need to reevaluate the way I live. I do. I said 'yes' to teaching at Brite out of loyalty to the school--wanting to help when it's short handed, and, I admit, a little ego that I was asked. It's been a fabulous experience so far, and I'll continue on through the Spring (teaching Grief and Loss), as I said I would. I'm not sorry about the decision I made. What a gift to be able to influence future ministers. I love it.

But it's also taking its toll. No denying that.

I'm just too busy...the sin of our time, and I am guilty. No question about it.


Jan said...


Manda said...

Katherine, I'll just say what I know you would tell me: take care of yourself! You are an amazing minister and I'm sure a wonderful teacher, but you can't be those things if you don't take care of yourself! I'm praying for you and sending healing energy your way. :)

Katherine E. said...

Thank you both, so much.

Chris said...

Heard a little segment on NPR yesterday, an interview with John O'Donohue, the Irish poet. He said stress is a result of our inadequate relationship to time. Only it sounded better coming from him.

Peace and rest to you today.

Jennifer said...

Savor some rest. Can you find some?

steve said...

Hope you're feeling better. Peace to you.

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