Friday, June 26, 2009

Katie Sherrod

I hope you'll pop on over to Katie Sherrod's blog: Desert's Child. I have her listed on the sidebar of favorite blogs.

She has a great post on Broadway Baptist being kicked out of the Southern Baptist Convention this week. That's the church my husband attends and in which we were married.

She's also pasted Patricia Clarkson's speech at the Human Rights Coalition Event on gay marriage. Oh, it's priceless.

Katie Sherrod is an Episcopalian and she frequently blogs about what's going on in that troubled denomination, especially since Jack Iker is here in Fort Worth. This post is too good not to copy here. She writes:

I don't read David Virtue, but this was sent to me by a friend. You can see it here.

ACNA'09: FROM MY EAR TO YOURS....By David W. Virtue in Bedford, Texas


Rumors abound that Ft. Worth Bishop Jack Iker's long term goal is to take his diocese to Rome. Not true. Numerous sources have told VOL that he is deeply committed to the new North American Anglican Province and he will work with his fellow bishops over the thorny issue of women's ordination.

A number of his Ft. Worth priests were recently seen at the Anglican Use conference in Houston. He has told them that if they want to go to Rome, they can do so, but they can't take their property with them.--------------------------------

One doesn't know where to start, does one?


mompriest said...

David Virtue has no virtues and HATES the Episcopal Church...hates it. So everything he writes must be read through the lens of his biased hatred....sigh...

alas, I have parishioners who email Virtue BS to the entire congregation, as if, as if, he has anything relevant to say....

Jan said...

I need to read these, but will have to wait until I have more time. Thanks, Katherine.