Friday, December 21, 2007

Overwhelmed, but not sure why

So much for a commitment to blog every day...

Oh, the last few days have been tough, although nothing terrible. I called the doctor on Monday when I felt like the bronchitis was returning, but by Tuesday when the appointment came, surprisingly I already felt much better. I have a prescription for an antiobiotic in hand, though, in case I get worse while the doc's gone over Christmas.

I feel overwhelmed. One evening I just sat on the bed, staring into nothing. I think the radio was playing.

My new job is going well. At first I felt cramped in my new office which is maybe 1/4 the size of my previous space. But the window is beautiful ~ gothic style, floor to ceiling ~ and it looks out on the park-like grounds of the church. Every so often when I turn to look I'll see leaves falling. Lovely. The office is cozy, not at all cramped...My colleague in ministry is thoughtful and easy-going. The administrator is also easy going and has been a real help to me in setting things up and feeling welcomed. She's going to be a joy to work with as well...I've been to three committee meetings, and each one was just over an hour, accomplished much, and the people love to laugh. I appreciate them!

It's a good place to do ministry. I am grateful for it.

And I have a wonderful second job as well. Doing clerical work two mornings a week has proven to be a blessing. Dear friend Seeker Executive told me that this branch office of her company might have need for some help; that's how I came to find this opportunity. From the first time I met Seeker Executive she spoke about the culture of her company ~ it's a commercial real estate firm, privately held, with a culture in which people work together as a team. It's amazing. Doing this work, which is NO stress, in an atmosphere of friendliness and quiet~~like I said, it's a blessing.

And I am grateful for it.

My third job, so to speak, is to build up my pastoral counseling and spiritual direction practice. I need to figure out some marketing strategies.

So, why am I so overwhelmed? I'm sure the grief I feel at leaving my previous church is contributing. Other than that, I'm not sure. It's not like my new jobs are asking anything huge of me~nothing "new" I have to learn and wonder whether I'll be successful. It's a matter of allocating my time, really.

Well, I'm grateful for the days coming up. D and I are taking a couple of days at a B&B after Christmas, and we're both very much looking forward to that. Hopefully the spirit of Christmas will be part of that for me...

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